Hi, I’m Ms. Megan

Thank you so much for checking out my bio. 

Here at Megan’s Story Garden, in my corner of the internet, I focus on creating a love of literature for young children to explore new worlds, and develop a love for magical characters while learning how to: 

  • Discover the Morals of stories  
  • Story Structure 
  • Critically Think

I was homeschooled from the age 10 and grew a love of learning and literature. This brought me to my first career as an elementary school teacher where I worked for 6 years. Once my first daughter was born I decided I wanted to pass on my love of learning  and my homeschool experience to her. 

Fast forward, seven years and two kids later, I decided I wanted to share my love of children’s literature and homeschooling with the masses. That’s where Megan’s Story Garden and Youtube channel sprouted. 

Megan’s Story Garden and Youtube channel encompasses my love of learning, literature and teaching to provide busy homeschool parents with fun and exciting literature adventures for the kids, while giving moms and dads a much needed break in their busy


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